PATRICIA SMITH WINS PUSHCART PRIZE! Poetry Atlanta Press was notified yesterday that Patricia Smith's poem "The Way Pilots Walk," which appeared in the Java Monkey Speaks Anthology Vol. 2, has won a Pushcart Prize! As co-editor of the Java anthology with Kodac Harrison, I am thrilled for Patricia and for the recognition it will bring to the press and the book. I selected the five poems we nominated and I knew the minute I received Patricia's, that it would be one of our nominees. I didn't think we had a chance of having anything selected since the series is new and Poetry Atlanta Press has only recently come out of a long dormancy, so the win for Patricia is especially gratifying. We've also got fingers crossed that the anthology will win the Georgia Author of the Year Award in the anthology/short story category in June. If you haven't ordered your copy of Java Monkey Speaks, now is the time. Along with Patricia there is brilliant poetry by Tom Lux, Cherryl Floyd-Miller, Stephen Bluestone, Beth Gylys, Richard Garcia and many more local and international poets. You can order a copy at this link.


Rupert said…
congrats to yerself as well - this also reflects on the choices made re nominating the best work from le Java collection - Patricia is such a GREAT person - so happy for her
Collin said…
Talked to Patricia this morning and she is indeed over the moon. She's been having quite the last couple of years. "Teahouse of the Almighty" is such a great read.
Congrats to Patricia!
I've always enjoyed Smith's work. Good choice, Collin.
Anonymous said…

Didi Menendez said…
Congratulations! - Good news all around. I am googling today for pushcart winners. I published Ms. Smith two years ago myself. Good work.

Collin said…
Thanks Didi! MiPo is one of my favorite online reads!

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