8 1/2 THINGS YOU CAN'T TELL JUST BY LOOKING AT ME: I was tagged by a couple of bloggers (including Michi) in the last couple of weeks to reveal eight things about myself that folks might not know. In honor of Fellini, here's 8 1/2.

1) I'm only dating/sleeping with men of color. White men can't hump.

2) I've never seen an entire episode of The Sopranos.

3) Sex in public places turns me on.

4) I have food texture issues.

5) I'm fascinated by tranny porn.

6) I own a half dozen black t-shirts that all look the same.

7) Before Sept. 11, I had co-written an action screenplay where terrorists crashed the Air France Concorde into the World Trade Center towers devastating lower Manhattan.

8) I would vote for Rudy Giuliani as president.

8 1/2) I have already dreamed how I will die.


Anonymous said…
About number 1 -- HEY!!!! I most certainly can hump as you well know. I guess I'll give you a pass since you do live in the land of the bottoms in ATL.

michi said…
collin -

re #1: but what would you do if all the "men of color" thought alike? *g*

thanks for playing.

and as i said to nicole - being tagged twice, means 2x8 things. ;)))

loved the stevie nicks posts; i looooved her song talk to me waaay back in the 80s.

Collin said…
8/12 is all I can muster. I have to keep some air of mystery. lol
Jennifer said…
Collin, I promise (stack of Bibles here) that some white men can hump. The Blondie poem has potential! I hope you'll keep going with it...maybe some edits and rearranging of lines/images here and there?
Peter said…
this post made me *blush*
Collin said…
Jennifer -- Yes, the Blondie poem is a keeper and does need some work. It will go away from the blog in a day or so and go back into revision mode.

Peter -- I thought the post might be too naughty, but then I thought...what the hell. I AM naughty. lol
Brent Goodman said…
Collin - gotta agree with #3!

Thanks for being bold, loud, and proud.

jenni said…
Tranny porn isn't really my thing but I'm definately into the bi-racial ones -- lesbian porn. I don't care much for hetero porn.

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