FEATURED POET: The wonderful poet and writer Kate Evans is featuring two of my poems -- "What Remains" and "The Virgin Mary Appears In A Highway Underpass" -- on her blog today. Thanks, love.

The MondoHomo reading on Saturday night was okay. The organizers had kindly slotted me in at the closing night event, which was all music. I was originally supposed to perform with other poets and spoken word artists on Thursday, but I was in Virginia. I don't think the audience was really into the poetry, but maybe a few folks got something out of it. It was still an honor to be asked. Many thanks to those folks, especially Kathleen Delaney who asked me in the first place.

I'm taking a break for the rest of the summer. No more readings until the fall. Wake is out at five contests/open submission periods and it's going out to a few more this month. The chapbook of political poems, After the Poison, is also out a couple of competitions. Fingers crossed.

And if you needed any further proof that our so-called president is a crooked, warmongering, useless piece of shit, then look no further than the story just breaking from CNN: Dubya commuted Scooter Libby's prison sentence. Officially the WORST.PRESIDENT.EVER.


My pleasure. Thanks for letting me highlight you & your work, CK.

About Bush: I guess it's okay to commit perjury about state secrets--just never, never lie about who gave you a blow job.
Dan Vera said…
Oh honey...
WORST President ever? Now?
Come now. That's not breaking news now is it?
Sigh. This f&%king joke of an administration. Sigh.
Glad you're back home.
Collin said…
I guess I'm a bit of an optimist every now and then. I would have thought with his administration in total shambles, old Dubya might try to pull himself out of the nosedive, but I see he's decided to really just run the country right into the ground.
Christine said…
Congrats on the posting and good luck on all the submissions! I, too, have been submitting like crazy this past month. So you know the great Pam G?

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