HOLIDAY...WHAT HOLIDAY? While I was in Virginia, the magazine moved into its new offices, located just behind my apartment building. I am thrilled about this. In cooler weather, I'll leave the car in the garage and walk over, but for now my commute by car is about 30 seconds. The new space is very cool and loft-like and we're smack in the middle of trying to unpack, get our offices set up and get the August edition ready. While I didn't go into the office, I brought work home and never left the apartment today. I could hear fireworks in the distance this evening while I was grilling myself a burger.

I've also finished rough drafts of a couple of new poems, one of which I will post up tomorrow for a short time. I've also been tagged twice for a meme to list eight things people might not know about me. That's coming, too.

Hope everyone had a relaxing holiday.


minus five said…
you drive 30 seconds instead of walking?

Collin said…
No, it's more than 30 seconds, it just seems like it after commuting for five years. It's probably a 20 minute walk, which also isn't much, but when it's 90-something degrees, this bitch ain't working up that sweat. :)
Lisa Allender said…
I'm with ya, Coll...when it's over 85 degrees outside, it's okay to drive what might be a 20 minute walk. In the Fall, Winter, and even early Spring, it'll be nice and cool, and great exercise, but dear God--in Summer in Atlanta? No walk-ie...
Congrats on the office-move... sounds like it'll be great for ya!
i hardly consider a wednesday off w/ almost every single place closed a holiday

veri word: cowfqi
Dan Vera said…
Hmm...I might have a shorter commute. From bedroom to office... If there's not a dog traffic jam on the carpet runner.

Hmm...and where are these poems?

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