NOTES & NOTIONS: It's been a pretty hectic week at work and my evenings have been spent working on various poetry related things...or not.

* Melissa's Contest Central blog continues to be the place on the web to find out about open readings and contests. I'm getting ready to send Wake to a few more places, so this list is an invaluable resource.

* Last night I couldn't tear my eyes away from CNN and the bridge collapse in Minneapolis. Just horrible to see. Four dead and maybe 30 more still trapped in cars under the water.

* I was asked by the great poet Kate Greenstreet to be a feature in her First Book interviews on her Every Other Day blog. What a treat. I'm happy to join such a great list of poets talking about their books and work such as Evie Shockley, Jennifer Knox, Rebecca Loudon and many others. I'll put the link up when it posts. Kate asked some probing questions and I'm just about ready to send her back my responses.

* The list of poets performing at the Poetry Atlanta stage during the Decatur Book Festival is now posted here. I'll be reading at 4 p.m. then hosting a two-hour block of poets from 4-6 p.m on Sunday, Sept. 2. The featured poets include Laural Snyder, Beth Gylys, Mike Dockins, Alice Lovelace, Travis Denton and many more.

* Charles Simic (pictured above) has been selected the new Poet Laureate of the United States. An interesting choice. I think his interviews are hilarious and his poetry is filled with humor, pathos and surrealism. He doesn't hold back his feelings on anyone or anything. A man after my own heart.

* Congrats to Jenni Russell on having her chapbook, Strip, selected for publication by Finishing Line Press. You go, girl.


jenni said…
Simic? Really? Huh. I'm actually impressed. I like his work.
jenni said…
ps -- good on you for the 1st book interview. and thanks for the shout-out.
Lisa Allender said…
Congrats on the 1st Book interview...
and uh, isn't the Decatur Book Fest Labor Day Weekend-- we're up on Sept. 2nd, yes?(not the 6th)
I can't wait!!!
Collin said…
Lisa, yes, Sept. 2. Good catch. I've corrected it in the blog entry.

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