Sharon Olds - Self Portrait, Rear View



Wonderful and brilliant.
Anonymous said…
Sharon Olds on Def Poetry? That's kinda weird to me but thats really a great poem!

dan said…
Wow. This is great. I especially loved the lines:

"shaking their booty of cellulite fruits and nuts."

"sacks of marbles

"when i toss the mane of my ass again..."

What's stunning is that this is perhaps the most exposure Sharon Olds has ever had. I mean the HBO and now YouTube crowd is wonderful in giving more people a sense of Olds and her work.
What a great lady!
I love it! To see her on def poetry--she's so elegant, and her poem is kind of raunchy in a fun & funny way. What a great contrast.
Rachel Mallino said…
The Def crowd loved it. She's a class act and still looks amazingly beautiful.
michi said…
thanks for posting this. classy lady.

Jennifer said…
Badass poem!
This is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for people to add to the MuseCrafters Video Website It has widgets users can add to their sites, peer review to help keep off-topic videos out, can display videos from YouTube, Revver, etc. and also offers free video hosting for poets and spoken word artists.

Imagine poetry videos without the Paris Hilton wannabes and video pranks by teenage boys and you'll get what I'm shooting for.

Thanks -Billy
Pris said…
I love her poetry and this is the first time i've ever seen her read. I love it! thanks for posting.
jenni said…
i love the fact that she's willing to write about aging. with so many photos of female poets taken 25 years ago as their author photos, it's nice to hear a poet being open and honest about aging -- and funny too!

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