Weekend Music: Near the Black Forest - Vanessa Daou

Vanessa Daou is right up at the tippy-top of my list of musical goddesses with Kate Bush, Bjork, Stevie Nicks and Marianne Faithfull. She has also been an incredible source of inspiration over the last decade or so. Fans of the poetry of Erica Jong might recognize some of the lines in the sexy, slinky single "Near the Black Forest." Daou took some of her favorite Jong poems and set them to music on her debut album Zipless back in 1994. It's a brilliant mix of poetry, jazz, pop and electronic sounds. In 1995, she released an album called Slow To Burn, which inspired the title of my chapbook, and 1998's Make You Love is another masterpiece. Vanessa is on constant rotation at my apartment. Her own lyrics and poetry are intense and beautiful. Vanessa is working on a new project due to be released soon and has a new MySpace page, where you can hear many of her songs, at www.myspace.com/vanessadaoumusic. If you have never heard of Vanessa Daou, the time is now.


Excellent choice. Have always liked this recording - Zipless is a great album.
Anonymous said…
That is a fuck song if i ever heard one. Really sexy.

Yes, lovely, thank you. I'm also glad to have the MySpace link.

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