WEEKEND UPDATE: Here are a few headlines from the weekend, which was pretty quiet. I felt tired all weekend and just wanted to do absolutely nothing at all. I did plenty of running about last week in the heat and I think it finally caught up to me.

Karl Rove resigned this morning. Funny how he decided to do that while under subpoena from Congress to testify over the firing of all those US attorneys. Hmmmm. What will Dubya do now? It's like pulling back the curtain on Oz.

Here's another case of Christian right wing hypocrisy: A Texas church refused to hold a memorial service for a Navy veteran after finding out that he was gay. Read about it here.

RIP Merv Griffin. I remember watching his talk show in the 70s when I was a kid and, of course, I still love Wheel of Fortune.

The Poetry Atlanta and Art Amok slam teams were eliminated from the finals, but still made respectable showings at the National Poetry Slam in Austin. Congrats!!!

New poems continue to flow in the Memphis series, and Wake went out to another contest over the weekend.


Lisa Allender said…
Whew---I gotta comment on all this..You beat me to the punch, Coll, as I was headed for my own Blog to post about-- among other things-- all three of these subjects you mentioned here:
First, I learned of the hypocrites refusing burial to the gay veteran at my Mom's church, last night. We were all sickened by such a decision--not ALL folks who worship, are on board with the hate-mongers/right-wingers... Far from it!

Karl Rove---it makes me hoppin' mad that he gets to just WALK AWAY...How about CONTEMPT charges being filed against him--for refusing to testify?Is there ANY way to punish this man, for all his deceit?(sigh)
And last, but not least, Merv Griffin--I was pretty much addicted to his old show---where I first learned who Charo!("Coo-chee, Cooo-Chee" gal)was, and listened to Carol Burnett discuss her life and love of theatre, and where I discovered Farrah Fawcett really was a bit smarter than I had believed she was...He definitely knew how to interview, and brought out the best in folks!
Anonymous said…
Karl is getting off the sinking ship. He thinks Bush's approval rating is going back up? Whats he been smoking?

I hope Wake works out for you, Collin.

Did you ever go to Oxford books? I always liked those stores.
Collin said…
Sam, I went to Oxford Book every weekend...either the big store on Pharr Road or Oxford II, which sold used and rare books. Most of my book collection is from those two stores. The Pharr Road store also had a video rental department. When it closed, I bought four shopping bags full of foreign films. lol It was a true loss for Atlanta when they closed.
I still have one of their shirts somewhere. I really liked both stores - but I think my favorite was at Peachtree-Battle. I never walked in there without finding something I had to have. That was a great loss.
Collin said…
The Peachtree Battle store was the original. I remember when my parents first took me there...it must have been 1982 or 83. I bought my first copy of Gone With the Wind there.

I was going through my old VHS tapes from Oxford tonight. Lots of early Wim Wenders, Marianne Faithfull's "Blazing Away" concert (Which desperately needs a DVD release) and "Last Year at Marienbad." When is Criterion ever going to release that on DVD. It's begging for a beautiful new transfer!
ads. said…
The navy veteran article is just another example of "hypochristian" belief: "love thy neighbor, so long as thou followest these criteria...."

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