Sometimes Her Arms Bend Back

I could never solve the mystery of you,
so we dance, whisper our secrets,
stop motion tango.
We linger in a black and white and red
purgatory, weighted down by velvet,
where a little man snaps out our future.
Maybe we are both dead, maybe
twenty-five years is really just a blink,
fades like the taste of my favorite gum.
Your hair is dark, mine is gray,
we never met before tonight, but
you look like her,
so I make your arms bend back,
pull you against me and we dance,
carve my name under your nails.
It's happening again, a sharp jazz note,
talk backwards, girl...speak my language.
Let's rock.

– Collin Kelley

From the Twin Peaks-inspired anthology, A Slice of Cherry Pie (The Private Press, edited by Ivy Alvarez)


ButtonHole said…
Thanks for posting this! One of the creepiest scenes in all of Christendom. And I love the poem!

(And thx for the BBQ commendations on the page of -5--Though personally I think Alabama has the best que, I shall try out your spot when next in Atlanta.)
Anonymous said…
That scene is creepy as fuck. Laura's mother running downstairs calling for her in the distorted voice and the sound of the midget rubbing his hands together weird me out.

Good poem too.

Enjoyed the poem, Collin - as well as the rest of the anthology. Great work.

The video clip is amazing work. Has stayed with me, fresh, all these years later.
ButtonHole said…
Everyone might know this except me. That's usually the way when I have Exciting New Information to tell. But just in case: Do you know how the Man fom Another Place's (the midget) voice was done? He spoke his lines into a recorder. The lines were played back, in reverse, and he repeated the reverse version into the recorder. THEN the lines were played forward and voila! The voice was created. So he's lip-synching his own recorded/reversed/forwarded lines!
Anonymous said…
I'm amazed that show was ever on TV.

I got my ticket to Split This Rock, Collin.
Collin said…
I know, Jilly. Even watching it all these years later, I can't believe it was on a network.

We're waiting to hear if our panel was accepted on gay poetry in the south was accepted at Split This Rock. I've got fingers crossed.
jeannine said…
Collin, one of my all-time favorite poems of yours.

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