AMERICAN IDOL 7 - SECOND ELIMINATION: While I was reading poetry at the Limp Wrist magazine launch party, American Idol was getting rid of four more sucky contestants, but not the ones I was expecting. 

I thought Kady Malloy was a sure bet to go home after her nightmarish cover of Heart's Magic Man and Amanda Overmyer for just being a nightmare in general, but instead America voted off Alexandrea Lushington and Alaina Whitaker. After watching some playback, I found it hilarious that the camera cut to little David Archuleta sobbing in the audience when Alexandrea was cut. It must have been deja vu for the Lush, since David also beat her when they both appeared on Star Search. Ouch! Obviously America loves an underdog -- Sanjaya, anyone? -- so that's why Amanda got to stay. However, voting was over before one of the gossip sites dug up her mug shot from a DUI in 2006 where she's sporting that same Bride of Frankenstein hair. We'll see how that plays into next week's performance and if she'll go back to singing like Janis.

As for the guys, two boy band rejects got the boot: Jason Yeager and faux rocker Robbie Carrico, whom TMZ humiliated after finding out that ratty hair is actually a wig! I knew he was a poser. Vote for The Worst discovered that David Hernandez was a stripper at a gay bar, has a boyfriend, but has been trying to act straight. Bad gay! Bad, bad, bad! 

There's also more controversy about little Archuleta and his version of Imagine on Tuesday night. He cribbed the arrangement from the late Eva Cassidy and, of course, there's a video of him singing it a few years ago on a television show in Utah. Do the producers and contestants think they can keep this kinda shit under wraps in this day and age? There are no more secrets. Might as well come clean and save yourself the embarrassment. 

Speaking of embarrassment, here's the opening "group sing." My ears are bleeding. 


Instead of sitting through a painful elimination and group sing, I just got the results here. Thanks, Jesus--I mean Collin!
Anonymous said…
Holy god that opening number with all of them singing was painful to watch. Did you see the part where Alaina was crying so hard she could barely sing? That was a total psych out with Amanda. She should have gone home. She sounds so fucking bad in the group song tonight. Now that I know Robbie was wearing a wig all I can think about is that B52s song.

Lisa Allender said…
Coll, you are so marvelous!Your reading at Outwrite tonight(for the Limp Wrist Magazine launch party) was great, and now I get to read your comments 'bout AI, and giggle all the way to bed!Thanks for the talent--your reading and writing skills!
"Limp Wrist" will be fabulous!!
bookfraud said…
collin, the next time you summarize idol, try being bitchier for a change. ;)

that group sing must be awful. in trying to play it, it crashed my computer -- twice.
Anonymous said…
Collin, damn. I knew there was a reason I wasn't watching anymore. Who's that girl with the horizontal strips and Bride of Frankenstein hair? She sounded like she had seven whiskey sours and a slice of chocolate cake before the set...

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