Well, here they are are -- for better or for worse. To be honest, I don't even know who some of these people are, especially among the 12 boys. At least three of them got little to no face time during the auditions. Good to see David Archuleta and Danny Noriega in there, but just from this video clip I'm already despising David Hernandez and David Cook. A douche duo if I've ever seen one. Notice who's not there? Josiah Leming. He's probably already living in his car again.

As for the girls, I am not impressed with this bunch at all, except for Carly Smithson and Asia'h Epperson. What the hell is Kristy Lee Cook doing in this video? She looks like she just won a spot dancing at Scores and not American Idol. Did they really put goth priestess Amanda Overmyer through? She better start conjuring now to find a different singer to channel, because she's already worn Miss Joplin out.

I'm rooting for a guy this year. They seem much stronger. Next week, the competition begins. I'm already sharpening my claws.


Anonymous said…
I watched most of the audition shows and I dont remember at least three of the guys and two of the girls. Why do they do that. I thnk you might be right about David Hernandez.

C. Dale said…
I can't wait for the reviews now that the competition is on! (giggling like a tiny German school girl over here)
bookfraud said…
"a douche duo"? now that's comedy.

yeah, the dudes are better this year, for whatever reason.
Diane Lockward said…
It's so good to know I'm not the only poet who's addicted to American Idol. I think it's a really strong group of 24--I guess more than you do. And I really like Amanda, the nurse. But then I really like Janis. Were you by any chance a fan of Rock Star for its two seasons? I still miss it.
Collin said…
Hey Diane. I watched the first season of Rock Star and thought it was so-so. Never got into the second one. I also tried America's Got Talent, but nothing comes close to the cheesy goodness that is American Idol. lol

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