AMERICAN IDOL 7 - MORE SCANDAL: Because this is the worst roster of singers in American Idol's seven-year history (sorry producers, Gaycrest, Simon, et al), the contestant's personal lives are getting more scrutiny than ever. As I reported on the blog last week, David Hernandez is a gay stripper. It was confirmed today by AP and numerous other news outlets that Hernandez was still working at Dick's Cabaret (insert your own joke here) in Phoenix last September. Dick's is a totally nude strip joint, so that means some lucky Idol watchers have seen more of David H. than the rest of us. 

I have no beef (har, har, har!) with David H. shaking his money-maker at a strip club; some of my best friends have been strippers. What bothers me is that David H. is playing it straight, when the other part of the report is that he's had a boyfriend for the last two years. We need a yin to Danny Noriega's yang, so stop being a closet case, David Hernandez. And you better sing your gay ass off tonight, because there's a whole lot of homophobes out there with telephones would love to send you home.

Speaking of Queen Danny, a profanity-laced Christmas "message" he posted on MySpace has also surfaced. It's funny in a weird way, but probably won't prompt many people to pick up the phone. Like I said before, don't post shit online you don't want to come back and bite you in the ass later on. I'm waiting for the video of David "Terminator" Archuleta having his CPU chip upgraded. The recap of the Top 8 boys will be posted later tonight. 


Anonymous said…
When I saw this i thought somehow you had already seen tonight's show. I have to be honest -- i wouldn't mind of David Hernandez gave me a lap dance. He's a total piece.

bookfraud said…
true, i don't think homophobes will let him win, but they did let clay aiken make it to the last two.

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