Sarah Jane Smith Is Back!

The second series of the Sarah Jane Adventures began yesterday on the BBC in the UK. No word when it will air in the US. The Doctor Who spin-off began with a rip-roaring episode, The Last Sontaran, that picked up where the fourth series Doctor Who episode, The Sontaran Stratagem, left off. Elisabeth Sladen once again proved why she's the best Doctor companion ever. Since the BBC has been cracking down on YouTube, everyone is afraid to post the episodes, but I'm an impatient sci-fi geek. Luckily, there are other ways to view the episodes thanks to some very kind folk in the UK who believe in sharing. Cheers. 


Joel Odom said…
Dr. Who is one of the best TV series on the air today. I absolutely loved Blink.
Anonymous said…
I'd rather hear about this Sarah than the whacko running for VEEP.

Thanks, I would have missed this unless reminded here. It's on CBBC. Being here, I can watch again.
BookingAlong said…
I'm jealous!

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