McCain/Palin Downward Spiral Picks Up Speed

I don't even know where to begin about the continuing implosion of the McCain/Palin campaign. Last week, Democratic House Rep. John Murtha called western Pennsylvania a "racist area." The McCain campaign jumped all over this and there was much chest-pounding and flag-waving. Yesterday morning, McCain went to western Pennsylvania and agreed with Murtha. The video above is hilarious. Angry Johnny's attempt to correct himself made it even worse. Then today, at a rally in New Hampshire, he accidentally called a rate "cut" a word that rhymes with hunt and starts with a c on live television. Cindy McCain barely flinched. She must be used to it by now. McCain's continued use of "Joe the plumber" as a talking point, after it was uncovered that Joe was lying about his income and not even a licensed plumber, is further evidence that McPalin is, as Obama succinctly put it, "out of ideas." 

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin believes she'll "run" the senate if she's elected veep in another humiliating piece of video while answering questions from school kids. She's definitely not smarter than a fifth grader...or a third grader in this case. I know McCain must stomp around the "straight talk express," hurling insults at Cindy and screaming about Palin destroying his last chance of being president. It was also revealed Palin's spent $150,000 of campaign donations on a designer wardrobe for the campaign trail. The hypocrisy of this campaign is verging on the surreal. 

Brian Williams from NBC said the tension between McCain and Palin during an interview this week was palpable. Palin's been off-message for more than a week -- disagreeing with McCain's nasty robocalls about Obama and suggesting some parts of America weren't patriotic enough. Doh! And why won't she release her medical records? It's just stirring up more rumors that one of Palin's daughters actually gave birth to her last child who has Down syndrome. 

It just boggles the mind that people are actually considering voting for dumb and dumber on Nov. 4. 


Anonymous said…
Why do they have to spend so much money on clothes? Just buy them at a regular store.
I thought that the Republican's don't have enough money for campaigning.
$150,000 could have bought a lot of TV ads or helped pay for bigger staff.
Don't they want to win?
It isn't right to ask people to donate $50 and then spend $150,000 on fancy clothers and hairstyles.
jaxx said…
dumb & dumber - lol!

i read this morning that palin not only owes taxes on her clothing allowance, she will also owe PAYROLL taxes on it. even if it's all donated to charity after the election (yeah, right) the miniscule allowance she'd get for that will nowhere near offset the income. she only earns $125/year as governor, so she just blew more than a year's salary on those duds and will have to pay the piper next april (speaking of piper, her 7 year-old got a $700 handbag out of the deal).

dumb & dumber indeed.

broke & broker!
while i do think Palin is a big dumb evil, i do know that the later in life women have babies the greater chances of that child have D.S.

meanwhile, Crook and Croonie were here in Cincinnati yesterday giving a speech in an abandoned airplane hangar.

so many mccain signs here in lower ohio and northern kentucky.
DeadMule said…
Keep on telling it, Collin. This election is too important to let up now.
Lisa Allender said…
Wow. I guess folks ARE still voting for as you say "D & D".
Someone e-mailed me awhile ago that SP is the REASON she's voting Repub!
ButtonHole said…
I couldn't agree more, Collin. I mean....I couldn't NOT agree with you. I think you are uh...right? And I um seriously disagree.

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