Weekend Report

Actually, not much to report. I was incredibly lazy most of the weekend. Went to Atlanta Review editor and poet Dan Veach's 60th birthday party last night and ran into a whole passel of local poets like Turner Cassity, Travis Denton, Katie Chaple, Ginger Murchison, Lee Passarella and Karen Head to name a few. 

Today, we had an Atlanta Queer Literary Festival debriefing and set the dates for next year's festival -- Nov. 4-7, 2009. Mark your calendars. You can see more photos at the website from this year's festival and we're also putting out a new call for donations for the 2009 event. Just look for the Make A Donation link to PayPal. 

After the meeting, BFF Joy came up and we went to dinner at The Colonnade for some southern comfort food. We both had turkey and dressing. So damn good I wanted to slap somebody. 

Thanks to everyone who's commented on the new look for the blog. I know some folks are seeing a scrunched version of the header, but I have a feeling this may be because of monitor settings and size. I'll try and tweak it, but some of you may have to upgrade to a new computer. ;-)


if someone has their "favorites" box on the left or right side of their screen all websites are scrunched down. or if they are using a less retangle screen and more of a square screen.
Anonymous said…
The people who are seeing the banner scrunched probably have a monitor set for 800x600 resolution. Most new monitors are set to 1024x768. It's your call on resizing the header to fit the old standard.

jaxx said…
you are the furthest thing from lazy that i have ever seen! the hardest-working poet in atlanta
Lisa Allender said…
Amen to that, Jaxx--when CK says "lazy" it means he's not over-run with two million things to do,like errands to run, poets to pick up at the airport, manuscripts to critique, editing to do, management to handle at work, layout to finesse, volunteer projects to finish, readings to prepare. As i"ve told Collin on many occasions--he could hold classes in "Time-Management" and the class would be sold-out, because he manages to be so time-efficient! Wasn't it the Army or the Marines who said "We do more before you wake up, than most people do in an entire day." Come to think of it, musta been the Marines-- they're the ones also "..looking for A Few Good Men." ;)

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