Skins, John Updike & Other Notes

Skins, one of the best tv shows ever, is now out on DVD here in the states. Season 1 just came out from BBC America and it's completely unedited and uncut, restoring all the salty language, nudity and drug use cut for airing on basic cable. I've had the series on DVD for a couple of years since it first aired in the UK, and I can tell you this is one of the most well-acted and well-written shows I've ever seen. Teen angst has never been documented like this. I'm actually stunned BBC America picked up the show at all because it really is way out there by US standards. For all of those who saw Slumdog Millionaire, Dev Patel got his start on Skins playing the always horny Anwar. Buy it, Netflix it, watch it. Series 2 will be out on DVD soon and the third series began in the UK last week. It has a totally new cast, but is off to an amazing start. BBC America will show it sometime this Spring. Check out the series website at this link and you can even follow the show and its fans on Twitter.

The great novelist John Updike passed away today at age 76, succumbing to lung cancer. He was best known for the Rabbit series (winning Pulitzer Prizes for Rabbit is Rich and Rabbit at Rest), as well as The Witches of Eastwick. I always admired Updike for being able to keep his character Harry "Rabbit" Angstrom fresh and quirky over the series of novels and novellas. He has definitely been an inspiration to me. 

I've seen the cover concept for Conquering Venus and it is absolutely gorgeous! While it's not ready to post, I can tell you that the main image is of a statue of Venus that sits on the grounds of the Louvre. She's looking out over the city and the sky is an amazing faded gold. Can't wait for all of you to see it. 

American Idol recap later tonight! Check back in.


DeadMule said…
Thanks for sharing your excitement about Conquering Venus. It's nice to see someone get what he deserves. Helen
bookfraud said…
i'm gonna miss updike too. one of the last true men of letters this country has produced.

now that i know that dev patel is on skins, i just might buy it. it sounds like all the sex and drug use from my teen years, which was massive.
Tide said…
I so love Skins I can't wait to get the DVD.
Lisa Allender said…
I read about John Updike's passing, and am ashamed to tell you that I've read very little of his work("Rabbit Run").
Congrats on getting "Conquering Venus" cover going!
"Skins" sounds really edge-y!
I read that the U.S. DVDs were "slightly" edited for content. That made me not want to get them. I'm so tired of being denied full content because our country is conservative...

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