The Sound of 2009

Everyone's doing their "best of the year" on the blogs right now, but I'm not interested in looking back today. Music is an important part of my creative process and I can count on one hand the ladies -- yes, all ladies -- who saw me through 2008: Vanessa Daou, Amanda Palmer, Adele and Duffy. Sorry, fellas, you just weren't ringing my bell this past year. For 2009, here's who I'm excited about, and none of them are American. That '80s-influenced sound is going to be big in the UK and Europe this year. I hope it translates across the Atlantic. 

La Roux 

The first single, "Quicksand," from this Brit has been stuck in my head for a few weeks now. She looks like Molly Ringwald, the video is vaguely James Bondish and the sound is definitely electro '80s. Find out more about her at

Empire of the Sun

This Australian duo have a touch of glam rock and that shimmery '80s pop sound. The video for their debut single, "Walking on a Dream," was shot in Shanghai and is just gorgeous.


He's a singer, producer and in demand remixer, but he's also produced this incredible slice of high-energy, '80s-tinged pop called "3 Little Words." And he's kinda cute, too.


That La Roux track reminded me of Prince's "When Doves Cry" mixed with T'Pau.

Dig the Empire of the Sun. To my ears they're a distilled version of MGMT.

Have you heard this one by The Mates of State? Good for your synth-pop needs.


Anonymous said…
I love all three of those but you're right about Frankmusik. Definitely a hottie. I get a big gay vibe off him but maybe its just because he's English. ;-)

richizzle said…
i listen to laroux.
Firt i listen too the song anb think it was cool but not brillant,
after that i see her video clip and i think it was just wack,that girl and i have some point in common we love sebastien tellier her first clip is just a copy of the sexuality album and roche artwork concept realise long before this video.
come on girl can’t you make your own concept .
i think this is a point right now to be an artist,
have concept. If you just come and take what was mad fue month ago don’t think your album gonne be sold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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