American Idol 8 - Third Round of 12 Results

Woot! I got three out of three on my American Idol pics: Scott MacIntyre, Lil Rounds and Jorge Nunez made it through! Then at the end of tonight's episode, the judges picked eight contestants to sing tomorrow night in the "wild card" round. This is where the fuckery began.

Not surprisingly, Anoop Desai, Megan Corkrey and Ricky Braddy made it, but the others are vomit inducing. Jasmine Murray and Matt Giraud both sucked ass -- and not in the good way -- last week, yet somehow they are in wild card contention. Matt wrecked Coldplay's "Viva la Vida" and has no business being back on the stage. Princess Von Smith? Really? Jesse Langseth, who mauled "Bette Davis Eyes?" Kim Carnes should sue, and Bette should rise from the dead and stub her cigarette out on over-earnest Jesse. 

The other surprise (not!) was the return of Tatiana del Toro. She was sobbing, fainting and generally putting on her crazy act. Whether she makes it or not is up to the judges. America has no vote tomorrow, and the last three to make up the Final 12 will be decided by Randy, Simon, Paula and useless Kara.


Anonymous said…
No big surprises tonight. I doubt Tatiana will go through to the Top 12 so tomorrow night will be that drama queen's last stand. I cannot believe they let Frau Von Smith back in.

Lisa Allender said…
I did NOT see Tuesday's show, though it's TiVo'ed and still waiting, but I watched Wednesday night live, and I did notice you were spot-on in your picks, Coll!
I adore that Jorge fellow. Reminds me of a dear friend from long ago, the amazingly talented, triple-threat Ric Castillo(he helped co- found the charity, "Broadway Cares"). If there'd been an "American Idol" twenty years ago, Ric would've been a top contender. Sadly, Ric passed away, due to AIDS, many years go.
I'll admit I did watch last night waiting for LOST to come is bad! I mean, we all know this, but creepy seacrest was trying to create suspense at one point by saying something and no one knew what he was talking about: the judges get their wildcard picks from these folks AND those on the couch! And there was no couch. And he's all "come back after the commercial to see how this change can rock the foundation of the competition" and I was like WTF?

I kinda wish he'd just dye his hair and wear stupid clothes again and embrace the idiot he is. But apparently, he only copies whatever justin timberlake's doing in fashion.

Kara is useless. I think Randy just doesn't want to sit near Paula anymore so they;re using Kara as a wedge.

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