Weekend Update

On Saturday night, we had our first Poets Dinner at the fabulous southern comfort restaurant, The Colonnade. In attendance were (back row, l-r) Rupert Fike, Chelsea Rathburn, Dustin Brookshire, Cleo Creech, (front row, l-r) me, Karen Head, Christine Swint and Julie Blomeke. We were also celebrating the publication of the second issue of Ouroboros Review, which Christine co-edits. We had a blast and are already planning a second dinner in April

On Sunday, we had a big Atlanta Queer Literary Festival meeting and I can now reveal our keynote speakers: poet Staceyann Chin and novelist Manil Suri. You can read more about the festival at www.atlqueerlitfest.com

I'm also excited to announce that I have been officially asked by the Decatur Book Festival to be a featured author this year in conjunction with the publication of Conquering Venus. More than 70,000 people attended last year, so this is a big to-do. The event is Labor Day weekend, and I'll have more details soon.

Videographer/editor extraordinaire Tim O'Donnell whipped together a rough cut of the new book trailer for Conquering Venus last night and it's GORGEOUS! It looks like a trailer for a moody foreign film. Lots of black and white images of Paris, solitary figures walking along the Seine, cars rushing past the Arc de Triomphe. 

American Idol recap coming later tonight.


Awesome about the festival!
January said…
Congrats all around! Lots of good things to celebrate.
Lisa Allender said…
Yaaaa! Sounds fabulous.
Dinner at The Colonnade.Defintely soon!
christine said…
It was a very fun evening, Collin. Thanks for mentioning ouroboros again. You've been our hero.

What exciting news about the Book Festival! That's jumping up and down news. I adore Conquering Venus, and can't wait to read the whole thing, cover to cover. I am really so impressed with the book, and that I know a real live novelist who is a very nice person.

Even better that you're writing more of them. I love series.
Emily A. Benton said…
congrats on the festival invitation! maybe I can finally make it this year!

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