American Idol 8 - Top 3 Perform

Next week is the finale, but tonight the Top 3 performed two songs each: one picked by the judges and a personal choice. The judges were hamming it up like there were on WWE Smackdown. Oops...don't say smack around Paula. She's still not sure if she's on pills or not.

Danny Gokey: Paula "I'm On Pills/I'm Not On Pills" Abdul decided Hokey should sing "Dance Little Sister" by Terence Trent D'Arby. Ummm...that song wasn't a hit in the US, and although I'm an '80s queen...err...king, I barely remember it. He growled through it in his usual one-note way, chicken dancing across the stage. The judges mostly loved it, and then Simon put Paula in some kind of chokehold. You could hear Paula yelling for help off camera, Miss Seacrest not sure what to say or do and an awkward cut to commercial. Gokey picked "You Are So Beautiful" and it was flat and pitchy, then turned into pitchy screaming. The judges were creaming their panties over this mess and Simon called it a "vocal master class". WTF? Totally pimping him for Top 2. I can't stand his dead-wife-pimping ass.

Kris Allen: Wait, was he wearing blue nail polish? Hmmm... Randy and Kara picked OneRepublic's "Apologize" for Kris, who basically copied the original note for note, perched behind a piano. When Randy and Kara dumped on him (Kara said it was a "competent" performance, but wished he had interpreted it differently), Simon said they shouldn't blame Kris for performing their song choice and not offering any direction. Kara then tried to smother Simon. Kris' pick was Kanye West's "Heartless" and he did it acoustically on the guitar and it was brilliant. One of his best performances. Even the judges liked it. He really should be Top 2 with Adam.

Adam Lambert: Simon picked "One" by U2 and, shockingly, I didn't like it. He began the song with just piano accompaniment and it sounded elegant and restrained, but then he changed up the melody and it got too shrieky for me. The judges loved it. For his own choice, Adam sang the screech-appropriate "Crying" by Aerosmith. He's got charisma to burn and looked sexy as hell. I'm not a fan of the song, but it was right there with Kris' "Heartless" as best of the night.

So who goes home tomorrow night? I think it's wide open, but if there's any justice it will be Adam and Kris.


Admit it, Collin, you want to get into Gokey's pants. You have way too much passion directed at the guy.

Kris' cute factor kept him in the game for this long, but his singing tonight proved he's more than just a cute face. He was very good.

To me, it was one of Adam's weakest nigths--although I disagree with you about "One"; it gave me the chills. Still, Adam's "fair" is anyone else's "stellar."

Wouldn't it be a trip if he didn't win??? Do you even think that's possible?

Can you fly to California next week for our AI party? xoxo
Anonymous said…
I voted for Adam and Kris

Anonymous said…
Aren't we thrilled your dream came true?

I wish both Adam and Kris could win. Different artists but "they're still the same," doffing my cap to U2's ONE.

I love Adam and I agree that while I was excited for his rendition of ONE, he should have kept it in the "Mad World" zone that he used in the beginning of the song. He lost his way mid-stream but... this man's a star ready for his close-up.

Lisa Allender said…
Adam, all the way! Chris was pretty decent in his second piece.
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