Camille Paglia Loves Me

I received a note this morning from the always vigilant Reb Livingston that Camille Paglia had specifically mentioned me and my essay on Jeanne Moreau in her review of the My Diva anthology on Love her or hate her (or both, which I sometimes do), she's a pioneer in social critique and I'm quite tickled that she gave me a shout out. Have you read Sexual Personae or Break, Blow, Burn, her controversial study of poetry? I think both are must-reads. Have you read My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them? You can order it directly from University of Wisconsin Press.

If you're in New Orleans this weekend, I'll be reading from My Diva at the Saints & Sinners Literary Festival. I'm also on a panel that will discuss social networking and how it can benefit writers. After the massive response to my post on Poets on Twitter, I am now a true believer in the power of Twitter. Modern Confessional has received a staggering 4,195 views in less than 48 hours! The number of followers I have on Twitter jumped by more than 100 in a day. And Didi Menendez invited me to co-edit an issue of OCHO featuring the Poets on Twitter. I only have one word: woot!


jeannine said…
Woot! That sounds like a fab anthology. Congrats!
Anonymous said…
You are now officially an internet star.

Yes, Woot!


Maggie May said…
woot WOOT!
christine said…
Your writing deserves to be noticed by Paglia. Great!

And the twitter post has been amazing. All of a sudden a gazillion people are asking to follow little 'ole me, plus I've gotten to know about so many other twittering poets. Thanks again, Collin.
Lisa Allender said…
You twittering, glittering STAR!! Congrats on the even-more-fab success, Coll!
And Camille Paglia--I enjoy lots of her writing--first read her in "Penthouse Magazine", way back in the 1980's....Congrats on that mention of you, by her!
jaxx said…
this makes me like camille paglia much more than i ever did before. bravo, collin!

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