Anne Sexton reads "Wanting to Die"

It's videos like this that really make YouTube a gift. Here's Anne Sexton reading "Wanting to Die" followed by a montage set to Radiohead's "I Will." There's a second clip of her reading "Menstruation at Forty" and talking about poetry, pills and mental institutions at this link.


Collin, I don't think I've ever watched her read before. What a firecracker! Thanks so much for posting that.
I saw the video of her reading "Her Kind" years ago, but to see her in these two videos is fierce. She's a force.
christine said…
I've been reading her complete works, and just came across Wanting to Die a week ago. What a great video, Collin. This poem in particular is one I will read and now listen to again and again. I really appreciate how the speaker takes the time to explain this unique (to me) point of view. I'm more afraid of death than I am curious about it, though there's some of both, to be sure. Her facial expressions during the reading at times are so arch, so much who one would think she is from reading the poems.
Lisa Allender said…
"I wouldn't want to have an orgasm in front of you....It's better than a poem.Music beats us!"
Wow. The above quotes heard on the link you provided, Mr. Collin Kelley, at the end of this post.
Anne Sexton really does rock. What balls she had--and in the 1960's!--speaking her mind, and heart.
Pris said…
I have chills. Thank you, Collin!
Ah, Collin, what an extraordinary presence. I too have chills. Thanks you.

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