File this under "duh": Adam Lambert is gay

American Idol season 8 runner up Adam Lambert states the obvious in the new issue of Rolling Stone out this week. A few other confessions: had the hots for winner Kris Allen, likes pot and ecstasy, gets in a catty swipe at Clay Aiken for being a closet case, wants to be a singer not a civil rights leader. There, I just saved you a couple of bucks. Oh, and you can read part of it and see a video from the cover shoot (color me not impressed...meow!) at this link. I'm sure tween girls everywhere are crying into their juice boxes and 40-year-old IT guys are jizzing their pants. You know who you are.

For BFF Kathy, who wanted to know what I hadn't posted anything about it. :-)


I expect an invite to your and adam's wedding.
Peter said…
And I wanna be a flowergirl. (or would I be a ringbearer? It's so confusing) :)
christine said…
Poor little tweens. He's an amazing specimen of a man, no matter which way you look at him.

You'd lok good together - blondie and jet black.
Anonymous said…
I think he's just pretending to be gay for publicity. lol

that's one hot picture...and the butterfly and snake are so subtle.
January said…
Too fun. The snake, not to obvious, don't you think?
Lisa Allender said…
I love you, Collin Kelley, but only partly 'cuz you are the funniest/snarkiest of the snarkies.

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