Conquering Venus podcast & NYC report part 2

First, let me thank Will Kenyon for interviewing me about Conquering Venus for the podcast on his blog. You can listen to it now at this link. It was a fun interview, and I do sound quite over-caffeinated for much of the session.

Now, let's go back in time to last night and the Just Working on My Novel event at The Tank in New York. Although Elise Blackwell and I were "the hosts," it was really Brett Sandusky and Russ Marshalek's show. Elise was not feeling well, but was a trooper and read from her novel, Grub. I thought my reading from Venus was much better than Sunday night's, since I was more relaxed, familiar with the surroundings and the audience was quite enthusiastic. There were some great folks reading at the open mic, including a guy who read this graphic, hilarious piece about having sex in a crowded NYC subway car. Last night was also the launch of the publishing vlog Quit Being a Hooker, Hooker. It's warped, frenzied (and over-caffeinated AND over-bow tied) and probably inappropriate, but y'all know I love the inappropriate stuff. My interview with Brett "Fuck the Pain Away" Sandusky will be posting on the site soon. God help you all.

I'm back in the ATL and getting ready for this weekend's back-to-back poetry spectaculars -- Voices Carry and I See Straight People. Come out and join us!



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