Weekend Update: Podcasts, music & sublets

Last Tuesday, I met novelist Ben Tanzer (Most Likely You Go Your Way and I'll Go Mine) for dinner at The Flying Biscuit and over bacon and eggs we recorded a podcast about Conquering Venus, poetry, favorite authors and more. You can listen to the podcast at Ben's This Blog Will Change Your Life. I highly recommend Ben's new novel. I read it in two days. His ear for dialogue is sharp and conversations make up 90 percent of the novel. It has a Richard Linklater film quality, especially the ultra-talky Before Sunrise and Before Sunset. That's a good thing. I'll be offering up a longer review soon.

I am totally hooked on Last.fm, a music/social networking site where you can stream music and share it with friends. I love it so much I subscribed. Definitely worth $3 a month. Taking a cue from author Dan Chaon, I created a playlist of the music that inspired me while working on Conquering Venus. Vanessa Daou, Massive Attack, Moby and Kate Bush are all on there. You can check it out at my Last.fm page. You can also peruse the 100 or so artists I've added to my library and discover some new music.

Michael Montlack -- friend, poet and editor of the My Diva anthology -- is subletting his East Village studio in Manhattan from Jan. 18 to April 1. That's the photo above. Here are the particulars:
  • East Village/Gramercy Park (15th Street and Third Avenue). Walking distance to Downtown and Midtown and two streets from Union Square (major transportation hub).
  • Excellent location on tree-lined, peaceful street. Fun and safe neighborhood.
  • Building has elevator and laundry room.
  • Sixth (top) floor. Very quiet.
  • Cozy and clean studio.
  • Queen-sized bed. Futon/couch too.
  • Microwave, stereo, flat screen tv.
  • Cable and wireless internet.
  • $1,900 per month covers rent, electric, internet and cable.
  • Prefer to rent for the two months but open to shorter stays.
  • No cats or dogs, please.
  • Looking for someone who will be clean and respectful of neighbors.
If you're interested, send Michael and email at mikemont17@hotmail.com.


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