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You can hear the new Kate Bush album, 50 Words for Snow, in its entirety at NPR First Listen. This is one of the mostly beautiful and thrilling albums of her career. It's melodic, haunting, moving and Kate in full storytelling mode. Top tracks: "Misty," "Snowflakes," the title track (which features Stephen Fry) and "Snowed in at Wheeler Street" featuring an astonishing vocal performance by Sir Elton John.

I'm editing the short story collection, but have realized that one of them needs a significant rewrite. This will shift the release date from Thanksgiving to closer to Christmas. It will be an eBook only available for the Kindle, Nook and at Smashwords.

Sat on a great memoir panel (yes, I'm working on that, too!) Saturday with Jessica Handler and Craig Rikard at the Red Clay Writers Conference at Kennesaw State University. Lively discussion, attentive audience and great questions.


Lisa Allender said…
She is so incredibly cool. We need new descriptive words, adjectives, metaphorical verbs, etc., just for Kate Bush, Collin. :D
I've called her "creamy".
Hmmmmm.Let me try a verb to illustrate how cool she is.
I think Kate Bush just swims. :)
Andrew Shields said…
I just posted this link on your FB page, just before I saw this post, so I thought I'd post it here, too, for readers of your blog:


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