TITUS ESSAY PUBLISHED: SubtleTea.com has published my essay on Julie Taymor's brilliant, but rarely scene, directorial debut Titus. The film stars the great Anthony Hopkins and Jessica Lange and has become my favorite cinematic work based on Shakespeare. SubtleTea editor David Herrle has one of the best 'zines on the web, not to mention his debut book of short fiction Anywhere But Her is officially released today. Check the site via this link www.subtletea.com. Don't forget that Better To Travel is available for advance orders now from IUniverse. The link is in the previous post, so scroll down and take a look. I am working on the big August update for the main website www.collinkelley.com. There will be plenty to read and even MORE appearances. As my friend and singer Jennifer Perry said yesterday, "this thing has taken on a life of its own." Indeed.


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