BUSY SEPTEMBER:This is the month that Better To Travel gets its official launch to the public. The website at www.collinkelley.com has been updated with all the latest gig news. The first one is this coming Friday night at the Alternative Arts Festival at the Contemporary Art Center in Atlanta, 10 p.m. Since this is our first show in front of an audience, we are planning a loose, informal evening to showcase the poetry and music. Hope to see many of you there.

JAVA MONKEY ROCKS: I had a blast filling in for Kodac Harrison as host of Java Monkey Speaks this past Sunday night. John Amen was our featured poet and our surprise guest was Cecilia Woloch. We had a standing room only crowd and it gave me a chance to work on my hosting skills before I start doing the open mic at Barnes & Noble @ Georgia Tech each month. John did a great set of poetry and music (and made some cash from the appreciative crowd) while Cecilia read a new poem from her book Late coming out this October and from her debut Sacrifice. Cheers to both of them and everyone at JMS.


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