POETS & WRITERS LETTER: I should have mentioned this a week or so ago, but my letter singing the praises of POD and self-publishing made it into Poets & Writers magazine. I've had numerous emails and people coming up to me at events and mentioning it. Too bad, P&W edited out the name of my book...I suppose because that would be free advertising. I haven't had anyone from P&W beating down my door to get something in about the book, so they could have thrown me a bone. Sigh.

NEW POETRY ON THE WAY: I got an email today that two of my new poems will be featured in the first edition of the new online literary magazine Lily, which is set to debut in December. The editor (hi, Susan) saw my new work on Poetry Super Highway and asked me to submit work. That is truly an honor. The new poems are called "Hiroshima, Mon Amour" and "Absinthe." And yes, the first one is named after the French New Wave film that I happen to love. I've been including it in my set list for the last month. I had a man come up to me after a reading a few weeks ago to tell me that he hated the film. I think that might have been a subtle critique on the poem as well, but, hey, you can't regulate someone's lack of taste. Ah, well...

COLUMBUS BOUND: I'm off to Columbus, GA tomorrow (Saturday) for the launch of the Shout Them From the Mountain Tops: Georgia Poems anthology. I'll be signing books from noon to three with fellow poets. If you're in the area, drop by the Barnes & Noble and see us.


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