WEBSITE UPDATE: The main site at has undergone a slight update to begin promoting some December and January events. I am delighted to be involved with the Studio 1030-G Art Party on Saturday, Dec. 6. A collective of artists have a great space on Marietta Street in downtown and the evening will feature their work, spoken word and music. All the details are at the site and I also hope to have some artwork from the show posted soon. Also on the bill that night are Lisa Allender, Anne Bucey and Jessica Hand. I will be in great company with these three great friends and poets. The artwork of Jere Brookshire, Jonathan Fetta, Elizabeth Latta, Edward Chrisman, Michael Sanders and Karen Weyandt will be showcased. I got a tour tonight of the studio from Karen, Jerre and Elizabeth and I think it is going to be a blast! Lisa Allender is also a brave soul for coming up with the idea of the 3-D Jam on Jan. 9-11, 2004. This will be a three day, non-stop event at Humpus Bumpus book store in Cumming. I'll be reading erotica at midnight on Saturday, drinking plenty of coffee and have my sleeping bag nearby for naps.

POETRY SLAM EVENT: Many thanks to Geri Taran from the Georgia Writers Association and Debora Ott for letting me know (and getting the Georgia Poetry Society involved) in the Roswell Roots Poetry Slam in February, 2004. One of my poetry goddeses Patricia Smith will be hosting the event. More info will be at soon.


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