RADIO DAYS: Jana Oliver is going to interview me on her radio program the DIY Author Show. The show is streamed over the internet to 60 countries and has 30,000 listeners a month. Her interview with me (which we will be recording soon at her studio) will air on January 28, 2004. Follow this link for more details. Jana's show is part of the BookCrazy Radio Network and bills itsels as an "all book talk radio." I am excited to do the interview and get word about Better To Travel out to more readers.

MY SOUTH 3: The trilogy of My South entries concludes here...thank god. So Chuck deVarennes (well known for hosting the poetry readings at the now defunct Cafe Diem) was the big winner. His poem was excellent, but I still thought Ayodele had it locked up. As good as Chuck was, I still can't believe Ayo didn't win, and that is further proof that I still don't know what the hell those Turner folks wanted. Chuck was just as shocked as everyone else I think. Anyway, we all got filmed on Sunday night although I decided to bust out my new poem "Why I Want To Be Pam Grier" which I have sneaking suspicion will get cut if they even bother to air the open mic portion. What really sucks (are you listening Turner South) is that if you go to their website, there is nary a mention of the contest, Chuck's big win or anything. It's almost like it didn't happen. Congrats, Chuck! Good to see you back on the scene.


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