SLAMMIN' IN THE BURBS: I represented the Georgia Poetry Society at the Roswell Roots Slammin' In the Suburbs Competition last night. I didn't perform, and even bowed out of judging because there were simply too many of my friends performing. I could have never been objective about it. Ayodele wound up being the grand prize winner and I was thrilled to be able to hand him the check. There was a standing room only crowd and 19 competitors. I also got to meet up with my pal Patricia Smith, who hosted the event (with an assist from Kodac Harrison). Patricia was funny and could add up scores in her head faster than a calculator. Go on, girl! Jessica Care Moore was angry, passionate, political and just all around brilliant. It was so good to see Karen Wurl, Lady, Samia, Watercolors and all my friends from Java Monkey up there wowing the crowd.

PATRICIA AT TECH: I got a second dose of Patricia this evening at Georgia Tech. She read with two other great poets, Tom Lux and Bruce McEver. As much as I like both of those guys, Patricia just set the room on fire. Hearing her blaze through those beautiful poems (she started with one of my faves "Doing the Louvre") was, as always, a revelation. I hope to get her back down here when her new book comes out. Love ya, P!


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