WEBSITE UPDATED FOR APRIL: The main site at has been updated for April...just in time for National Poetry Month. There's new appearances, new column, pictures, links, etc. Explore at your leisure. Don't forget that this Friday is the Georgia Poetry Society Open Mic at Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech with feature Cherryl Floyd-Miller. More details are on the GPS website at

GAY MARRIAGE BAN: Well, the meddling right-wing Republican zealots in the Georgia legislature (along with a few morally obsessed Dems) decided to push through the gay marriage ban. It will be on the ballot in November to let the ignorant masses, who have been lulled into fear and loathing by the Christian right, vote on it. I'm a realist, and my little voice tells me it will pass. Very sad. The most damaging aspect of this bill is the possibility that it might meddle with private businesses that offer benefits to same-sex couples.


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