BACK TO WORK: The one thing I really hate about long holiday weekends is having to go back to the day job. Most of the time I love my job, but there are some days where I wish the Georgia lottery would bless me with $300 million so I could have my real dream job - which is doing absolutely nothing. I'd be out of the country like a shot, moving into my palatial London home, writing all the time, traveling, making a film, starting a literary magazine, opening a restaurant. All those things I've dreamed of doing for ages, but of course take loads of money. So I guess, I'd be doing something, but I'd be the boss.

We're in a bit of a transition phase at the magazines where I work, trying to beef up editorial, make design changes, sell more ads and become more visible in the community. We may be moving a bit too fast, but I'm interested to see how it will all play out. I was supposed to do interviews tonight for The Business of Words, but had to work late. I got home in time to see the start of the new Amazing Race, one of the best reality shows ever. I'll be glued to the set for the rest of the summer to see who wins.

Yesterday, I went to see Spider-Man 2 with Tina and Mandie. It was fun, but a lot darker and more character driven than I expected. Then I met Cecilia for dinner and finally got to hand over her Georgia Author of the Year Award for Late. We are in the planning process for a poetry event in Atlanta in September at the Carter Center as part of the Atlanta Book Festival. Watch this space and my website for more details. Cecilia and I are also hoping to cross paths in LA in January, since we'll both be out there.

I realized today that I have enough new poetry to fill a book. This is going to the back burner as I prepare the CD for release this fall and decide what to do with my novel. I've been re-reading Conquering Venus as I make some minor changes and I cannot believe how invested I still am in this story and these characters. The idea for Conquering Venus germinated in 1995 after my first trip to Europe. I wrote a screenplay version, but then realized that it was a much bigger story than one two hour film could contain. In the late 90s, I started transforming and expanding the story into a novel. In 2001, I signed with a literary agent, Sept. 11 happened and the book sank like a rock at the publishers. Have I ever mentioned the plot revolves around terrorism and gay boys? Trust me, in late 2001 these twists were about as inviting as a turd. I parted company with the agent and turned my attention to what became Better To Travel. Now that time has passed, I'm hoping good things will happen for Conquering Venus, and the two other books that will make up the trilogy.


Anonymous said…
I'd like to hear more about the poetry event at The Carter Center. Just don't have it on Sept. 11. Nothing to do with the terroists; Siouxie is at The Variety Playhouse that night - everything else just fades away . . . .

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