THE BUSINESS OF WORDS: I taped two more editions of my Internet radio show The Business of Words this evening (or last night, since I see it's after midnight). These may wind up being the best two so far. Jackie Sheeler was funny and outspoken. She and her band Talk Engine have released a brilliant and scathing song about Dubya called Something for Junior. It will be played when the show airs starting next week on Leisure Talk Radio Network. Along with the links in this post, I've put a permanent link over at the left, so click it and check out the website for the station. Lots of cool shows. Later this month, you'll hear the second brilliant interview with Tonya Kelley, author of Unsexy.

All day long, the news media was being whipped into a froth by Dubya and his band of merry idiots claiming that another terrorist attack is imminent. Ummm...haven't they been saying this all year? This press op seemed to be a little too closely timed with John Kerry announcing Edwards as his running mate. I guess the conservatives were getting a little jealous of all the coverage for the Dems. Today's scare tactic was just another case of this administration propagating a climate of fear. Is there going to be another terrorist attack in the US? Probably so and probably soon. Will Dubya and the boys be ready for it? Probably not.

When the terrorists start walking into crowded restaurants, malls, buses and trains strapped with explosives like they used to do in the UK and still do in Israel, then America will get a full taste of what terrorism is really about. And if you saw Fahrenheit 911, you know that a full scale invasion could be taking place in the Pacific Northwest, but no one there to stop it unless that one policeman just happens to be driving by this week. Of course, Dubya says the terrorists may hijack more planes. If that happens after all the "security measures" instated at airports, then Dubya better make sure his bags are packed and the ranch in Texas is well-stocked.


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