A FEW QUICK NOTES FROM UNDERFOOT: I've been overwhelmed at the day job. We're in production for the October issues, which are big and colorful. I've been getting home around 7:30 each evening. Very tired, but it's worth it.

Got a final headcount from the Voices Carry event over the weekend at the Carter Center - 147 people!!! That is bloody fantastic. We're definitely going to have it again next year.

Yesterday amid the chaos of work, Mike Dawkins and Travis Denton at Terminus magazine asked me to perform at the mag's third-anniversary party on Saturday, Oct. 2, 7 p.m. at Sycamore Place Gallery in Decatur. I'll be on the bill with Tom Lux, Nathan Deen, Kodac Harrison and others. My poem, Three Mile Island, is coming out in the next edition. I'll have more details soon.

While I was editing copy today, I was jamming out to Faithless' new CD No Roots and the new one from Bjork, Medulla. I decided that since my Collin's Column from the main site is history after this month, I'm going to create a recommendations and "now reading/listening" page. An alternate idea is to put more of my side-writing (essays, reviews, etc.) in the space. It will be one of the two. Any suggestions from the gallery? Cheers!


Anonymous said…
I say recommendations. People enjoy that and you have good taste. :)

Anonymous said…

I have been reading your blog but haven't posted recently. Hey! I'm not shy, just haven't gone thru the time to set up a username (plus, I know the Dark Side is watching you!) I am SO SORRY that I missed the Carter Center event. I was at an annual family union in NC. Still, I might have gone to see Siouxie at Variety Playhouse - if you don't know Siouxie and the Banshees, you ought to check her out.

So . . . keep on trucking, man.

Sam Gainor

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