DON'T YOU CALL MY LESBIAN DAUGHTER A LESBIAN!!! Amazingly, this is the most remembered nugget from the third debate between Kerry and Dubya. Forget healthcare, job loss, the environment...that doesn't matter one damn bit. What matters is that Kerry had the utter nerve to mention that Cheney's daughter, Mary, is a lesbian after a question was asked about homosexuality. Mr. Heart Attack and his pit bull wife immediately went on the defensive about Kerry calling her lesbian. "It's a dirty campaign trick," shrilled Lynne "I Don't Launch Bombs, I Just Approve The Money To Make Them" Cheney. Umm...isn't Mary Cheney one of THE most well-known lesbians in the country? It's not like he outed her...she's been very out for sometime now. I guess calling it to the attention of the voting public again (since Edwards also mentioned her in his debate with Cheney of Fools) was more than Dubya's spin-doctors could handle. I guess if they stop talking about poor Mary, she'll just crawl back in her closet and not mess up daddy's chances of a second term and more Halliburton money. Having a high profile homo in the family must have the christian conservative right all in a dither. Everytime the word lesbian is mentioned, their campaign donations drop a few thousand. Lesbian, lesbian, lesbian.

Speaking of lesbians, one of my favorite dykes in the free world, Jessica Hand, is organizing a protest rally and poetry reading at the state capital in Atlanta on Oct. 30. She asked me to speak and read a few of my poems. The protest is for SR 595, which would amend the state constitution and ban same-sex marriages and, potentially, other private partnerships. I'll be there with bells on. Watch this space and the main site at for details.


Anonymous said…
I almost spit up when I read the fist line. This is so funny and so true!


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