FELLOWSHIP UPDATE: Now I can tell you about the fellowship, which has been up in the air for weeks now. The Fulton County Arts Council was offering a fellowship for a writer and artist to go to the Caversham Center in South Africa. The wonderful artist Sal Brownfield and I were going to apply together to further a project we've been discussing for a few months, namely a series of paintings and poems about the AIDS crisis. After doing a bit of research about Caversham, I had a feeling that coming with an "agenda" might not fly. On Tuesday night, that was confirmed. I met Malcolm and Ros Christian, who run the center, and they were delightful and supportive of the AIDS project, but it was not to be at Caversham. Malcolm said they want unrelated artists, with no prior working relationship to come to the center, clear their mind and collaborate on something brand new. There was a moment where I considered applying anyway, but it didn't seem fair to those who really wanted to go for the meditation, silence and bucolic countryside. There will be other fellowships...and Africa seems to be in my future. I just feel it.

I've been working on new poetry, enterting contests and working on the design of the insert for my CD, HalfLife Crisis. The CD should be ready in a week or so, just in time for my gig down in Savannah at The Sentient Bean. I've also been grooving along to the new song by Kylie Minogue and Scissor Sisters called I Believe In You. You can hear it at this link , but I'm not sure for how long. You'll need Windows Media Player to listen. Trust me, you won't be able to get this out of your head.


Anonymous said…
How gay are you? Kylie Minogue? Pretty cool song though. Much better than I Should Be So Lucky. :)


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