I VOTED. WILL YOU? Fulton County offered registered voters the opportunity to vote absentee today if would be out of your precinct during polling hours. Since we are in a busy time at work and since I had to drop off the Poetry Atlanta grant package to the county government office, I thought I might as well get in line. I was able to vote in 30 minutes, and of course I voted for Kerry/Edwards. I think there is a silent majority who is going to turn out and turn Dubya out of office. I'll be with some poetry pals tomorrow night at Manuel's Tavern waiting for the returns to come in. At least we'll be in the right place to celebrate or drown our sorrows. Remember...VOTE!


Anonymous said…
I can't keep up. I voted on Friday. Almost 3 hours in line. If Kerry doesn't win, I want a refund for my time spent in line.


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