MOVING ON: The response to my "Letter to America" below almost blew up my private email. Before I posted it here, I sent it out to my mailing list. Then those folks sent it out to some people and those people sent it out to more people. Somewhere in all those forwardings, it got into the hands of some of the Christian right wing zealots I was talking about. Shockingly, most of it centered on my comments about the gay marriage amendment. I was called, naturally, a sinner, a pervert and accused of wanting the heterosexual population to "subsidize" gay marriage. What they would be paying for exactly is a mystery to me. So, Dubya is back for four more years, but I think he'll be under even more scrutiny than before. The day after he won, Republican Sen. Arlen Spector shot Dubya and Cheney down saying they didn't get a "mandate" from God or the country and to get over themselves. Over 55 million voted AGAINST Dubya...that's not a mandate...that's division. But, anyway...

While I've been recovering from the national tragedy of our election, some wonderful things have been going on with my poetry. The first thing is that my CD, HalfLife Crisis, is complete. Denton Perry did a brilliant job of recording and mixing this CD. He added some of his own wonderful music and edited the tracks perfectly. I am very pleased. I'll have some to take down to Savannah next week, but the CD won't officially be out until later in the month. I'll have reading/release party in December. Stay tuned. The other fabulous news is that one of my poems is being nominated for a well known prize. I won't disclose details until it's official, but I am so very pleased.

Cherryl Floyd-Miller came by my office last week and signed my copy of her book, Chops. Not only is this book a piece of art, but the work is beautiful. It's the kind of work that makes me want to be a better poet. To continue to explore my creativity, to "own" the poetry, as CF-M always reminds me. Tonight, we had a lovely turn out for my open mic at B&N at Tech featuring Amy Pence and Jennifer Wheelock. They did great sets. And, for once, I just got to introduce, sit back and enjoy.

This weekend, I'm relaxing and working on new poetry and revising some old ones. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me. Cheers, all.


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OK, OK, for this comment: you say a day late and a dollar short; I just say, fashionably late (one of those smiley things here). Anyway, read this if you haven't already:


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