A FEW MORE REMINDERS AND NOTES: The tsunami relief benefit I participated in on Tuesday night at Outwrite Books raised around $500. Donations are still being accepted throughout the month of February. You can drop a check by Outwrite (corner of 10th and Piedmont for all you Atlantans) or mail a check to Gay Spirit Visions, P.O. Box 339, Decatur,GA 30031. Make checks to GSV and note they are for tsunami relief. All money will go directly to GLBT organizations in tsunami affected countries. Organizer Franklin Abbott sent out this note today and I wanted to share it:

"Thanks to each of you for sharing your work at the benefit. I think that both as individuals and as a group we performed an important act of compassion for our sisters and brothers in tsunami affected countries and we also gave our own community an important experience of our radical solidarity. I appreciated Pat's meditative piece on connection and Vim's beautifully textured poem on untouchable Tamil boys who lost their parents and were confounded by the guilt of their new religion. Maria hit the g-spot of our collective erotic awareness and struggle for liberation. Craig sketched a poignant portrait of how early our hearts are broken. Veronica stripped off the emperor's new clothes and Collin turned them into pom-poms for our team. Angela's tears moved us to song. I was so pleased and so proud. Thanks again. Thanks too to Philip Rafshoon and the Outwrite gang for making a place for us and to Bruce Parrish and Gay Spirit Visions for helping get money to where it's needed. We raised a little over $500 that evening and will continue to receive contributions via Outwrite and mail to GSV throughout February."

Last night, I went to dinner with a work colleague to the hot new restaurant in Atlanta, Two.urban licks. The owners have taken loft space in the old telephone building on Ralph McGill Blvd. and transformed it into this restaurant space that almost defies description. Think The Cook, The Thief, His Wife & Her Lover meets Tribeca chic. Thre is a giant flaming, spinning rotisserie full of meats in the middle of the room and huge barrels of wine in a floor to ceiling glass cooler. Gaslights run up and down the walls, huge blood-red lighting fixtures and a spooky painting that almost takes up a whole wall by artist Todd Murphy. We had to walk around the cavernous eatery before taking our seats. And the food...damn! It was so good. We split a big sandwich filled with shaved prime rib, jack cheese and a plate full of the best homemade chips I've ever tasted. We also split miniature cupcakes and house-made gelato. Definitely going back. This is the in place to eat in Atlanta and it is packed every night. Definitely worth a look and a taste.

Thanks to everyone who has posted on my blog. I appreciate the feedback, even when I don't necessarily agree. My State of the Disunion post (see below) has riled a few folks, and that's good. We need more debate and more discussion.

Tomorrow night is Cherryl Floyd-Miller's feature spot at the Georgia Poetry Society Open Mic & Reading Series at Barnes & Noble at Georgia Tech. Sign up at 7 p.m., readings start at 7:30 p.m. Don't miss this one, folks!

Also, I said I would put up the links to where you can find my new poetry, so here they are. I hae a new poem, "Laura Brown," in the February issue of Lily, which also features an interview and poetry from America's new poet laureate, Ted Kooser. I'm running with the big boys now, I guess. lol. Also, for those who don't get embarrassed easily, Velvet Mafia has published three new poems this month including "Sex In My Parents' House," which is always a hit at my readings. Thanks to the editors for choosing this work. I'm thrilled to be included.

Franklin Abbott also reminded me that today is Gertrude Stein's birthday. One of my favorite writers ever. Never read Gertrude Stein? Click her name and enjoy!


Teamaster said…
Controversy and activity on blogs and such are cool signs that folks are still thinking and opining and questioning. As long as this continues, we can stave off total ignorance, hypnosis, and apathy. So bravo!

Also, good show on the tsunami stuff. You don't have to do all this, but you do. Sign of heart and compassion.


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