NEW HOME & NEW YORK: I put down my desposit on my new apartment yesterday. It's in the Inman Park area of Atlanta and it's freaking gorgeous. Huge kitchen and bath, and a fabulous space for an office - at last. Of course, after shelling out the money, I had a bit of "buyer's remorse." I think I said before, but I hate to move. I've lived in my loft for five years, and before that was in the same apartment for seven years. This move probably won't be cheap either. I've got a ton of shit and I ain't gonna foist this move off on my friends. I need professionals and they will cost a pretty penny. After going through the remorse, I came home from work last night and was instantly reminded why I'm moving: the filthy floors, the lobby smelling of sewage, the piss-smelling elevators, people screaming off their balconies, the throbbing base. When I went in the office to turn in the notice that I would not be renewing, the girl was on the phone, smacking her gum and didn't even look at me twice. I am so glad I'm moving I could just squeal.

The fabulous Jackie Sheeler (she of Poetz and Talk Engine fame) has invited me to be the featured poet at the Cornelia Street Cafe in New York City for Pride Weekend at the end of June. I featured at Cornelia last summer for the Pride event and it was definitely a highlight of my poetry career. I'm going to be looking to pick up a few other gigs while I'm there. Stay tuned.

Tomorrow night (Friday) is the Roswell Roots Slam (which the Georgia Poetry Society is co-sponsoring). Should be fun. And then this weekend, I'll be in the mountains for the Dahlonega Literary Festival. Hope to see some of you there!


Bookfraud said…
congratulations on the new digs. there's always buyer's remorse -- even if you're rich. you can always move. money is meant to be spent or given away.

congratulations on the cornelia st. cafe gig. Wife has ready there on a couple of occasions. keep us NYers posted on when your superfabulous reading takes place.

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