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I'd rather claw out my own eyes than read anything penned by Ann Coulter, the Eva Braun of American journalism, but I girded my loins and went to her website after reading that she had called White House reporter/legend Helen Thomas an "old Arab" in her column published on Feb. 23. While her editor at Universal Syndicate wisely cut this out of the piece published in newspapers around the country, Ann put the original version on her website for all to see. The column was talking about the gay porn star who posed as a journalist and got access to the White House press room. Of course, Coulter gives the guy a pass because he was asking nicey-nice questions to Dubya and the boys. Nevermind the fact that security was breached at the WHITE HOUSE! She tries to make it sound like only the Democrats are upset by this, and only because he's gay. Ann, Ann, Ann. Wake up you stupid, bitch. Are you the same jack-booted-Nazi that rants and raves about how we must protect against terrorism at all costs, yet feels sorry for the guy posing as a journalist from a fake a news organization who gets into the WHITE HOUSE?!! Of course, if the guy had been a Democrat, she would have been calling for him to be sent to Guantanamo Bay for immediate flogging. Keep in mind, Ann is also the nutcase who supports McCarthy-ism. People actually believe this woman is a real journalist. No wonder the profession has such a bad name. It makes me almost physically ill to put a link to her website up, but you need to read this before she wises up and removes it (probably at the urging of her syndicators and lawyers).

I'm off to talk to the Village Writers Group in Decatur this evening. Should be fun. I'll miss American Idol, but hopefully will be home in time for the Amazing Race 7 premiere. I do loves me some reality tv.


Teamaster said…
I once found Coulter to be a novelty back when Clinton was grinning his way into folks' hearts while the worms wriggled behind his teeth. She stood apart from the usual cast of blonde foxes on TV - and what I read of her book about Clinton had some cool passages. Her earlier columns were sometimes cool, too.

But now when I hear or see her, she's annoying. And clownish. Why? Well, folks tend to get either lazy or smug or both when THEIR boy is in office (like the Dems during Willy's terms and the current Republicans). Now she is mainly in it for shock value, I think. I'm no fan.

But in slight defense (since I like to call spades spades - whatever the heck that means), I must say that Coulter's current ripster image seems designed to be a turned table on the more vocal, nasty Dems (like snide but sometimes funny millionaire Al Franken). They can belt out insults and names but they get pissed when it comes back.

I think she's getting goofy about the so-called gay discrimination like she has about Condi Rice and the Dems being racist, etc. In other words, she's "playing the game" of PC WITH the silly tools OF PC. Get it? (At least that's my guess.)

Though she can't compare to him pen-wise, perhaps Coulter is somewhat to the "liberal" Dems as Hunter S. Thompson was to the Republicans: offensive and scathing. After all, some of his commentary is downright ruthless - and that was passed off by fans as brilliant. :)

The questions I would ask about the "old Arab" comment are these: "Is the person old and is the person an Arab?" If yes applies to both, then...ok. :) Few folks seem to have a problem saying things like..."stupid redneck" or "wacko Christian" or even "old Jew".

What it all comes down to is the missed point. Instead of real discussion and sense, folks tend to sink into back-and-forth namecalling and jabs. It makes good entertainment, but that's about all.

Coulter has become a clown of sorts for the Republican party. One can either take her for a lampooning snot who feels teasing thin-skinned Dems with their own rips and PC rhetoric or just a blabbing Barbie doll in need of a sound spanking by Barney Frank. :) can just tune them all out and dig Dennis Miller, who is an underrated comic (with wit similar to Twain's) and thinker - despite his frustrating cheerleading for the damn war.

Nobody's perfect. :)

(Well, except for me.)

Anonymous said…
I would love Ann Coulter more if she wasn't suckin on Sean Hannity's dick every night of the week.
Collin said…
Meow!!!! lol
Anonymous said…
Hey Collin! Excellent work on Tightrope!! I'll be in Atlanta for Easter (to be with Ulf), will DEFINITELY come to Java that Sunday! Last time, I couldn't come as we both went to STL for the weekend. Hilarious about Coulter... what a psycho. My friend Kristin (pretty blonde who sometimes came with me) has a barbie doll of her. It spouts rightwing bullshit when you pull a string from her back- God save us all...

As for the Oscars, yes-- Sideways was robbed!!! Hope you're doing well, can't wait to hear your poetry in a few weeks!
-Kristi Kontak

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