RANDOM FRIDAY NOTES: This has been a very long week, mainly because of the day job. We've been in production for the April issue, plus we are plunging into the revamp. We will relaunch the publication in September. It's going to be very cool, but it's a lot of work. Not to mention, around Tuesday I started getting a cold. I took lots of meds, drank juice and it seems to have passed over pretty quickly. I haven't been sick all winter long, and the sniffles and sore throat came out of nowhere.

Blogger has been kinda pissing me off, too. I've had a number of emails from folks who have been unable to post comments because the system has been fucked up. All I can say is please keep trying. I love getting comments on the blog. :)

I've been invited to read at Cliterati on Thursday, March 25. This is usually an all girl kinda thing, but they are branching out to be "queer inclusive" and host Karen Garrabant asked me to come for the "Writers On the Vine" event to celebrate the arrival of spring. I'll be reading all the fun, "dirty" stuff. If you're in town, feeling adventurous and want to hear some good poetry, Cliterati is held at Tower II on Ralph McGill Blvd. in Atlanta.

I got a disturbing email from SubtleTea editor and pal David Herrle about an Algerian poet named Amari Hamadene. He's been accused of multiple accounts of plagiarizing other poet's work, including wholesale rip-offs of poems by Roisin Tierny and Ilya Kaminsky. His poetry has been published in a number of online zines, The Mississippi Review and apparently has a book coming out. The Pedestal editor John Amen said Hamadene had plagiarized work from a poet he published, and strangely enough Hamadene's bio says he's had work published in The Pedestal (but he wasn't). I did a little Google/Yahoo investigation and it appears that a number of lit mags and online zines have published Hamadene's work, but it's the same 10 or 12 pieces (some of which appear to have been plagiarized.) Some people believe Amari Hamadene doesn't even exist...that it's some kind of elaborate hoax to make some kind of point about poetry. You can read the accusations against Hamadene here and make up your own mind. A fellow blogger made the discovery and includes side by side comparisons of the poems Hamadene claim's he wrote and the original pieces actually written by other poets. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If he really did plagiarize (and if he actually exists), I hope the poets and/or mags sue the hell out of him.

I was watching VH-1 Classics this evening (does this mean I'm getting older by the second?) and they played the video for that great old song by Michael Penn called This and That. It's from the album March which also had the hit No Myth. Can't believe that album came out in 1989. I had to run find the album and listen to the song again. Penn never got his props...he's a brilliant singer/songwriter.

I'll do this
and I'll do that
I'll be burning canyons for you
I'll do this
and I'll do that
but I can't wait 'till heaven
I won't be there...


Teamaster said…
CLITERATI is such a great name. (If I were a female, I'd like to be named Fallopia.) :)

I did try to make a post on the last entry, but it failed twice I think.

The weird plagiarist news came from whistleblower A.T. van 't Hof, editor of Poƫziepamflet.nl. He has since discovered more creepy details, including implication of some cat from American band Lucid Nation. Latest info.:

Plagiarism is just stupid. Like pretending to be drunk or spreading a rumor that you've done the bingo-bango-boingo with a supermodel or celebrity.

Maybe Amari is really bin Laden. Or Ambrose Bierce. Or Jim Morrisson. :)

Anonymous said…
Did that guy think he wouldn't get caught plagiarizing other peoples stuff? People are so stupid.

Bookfraud said…
man, if there' sone thing that i hate, it's plagarizing poets, because it's so easy to get away with. there was a similar case a few years ago, but the person who "wrote" these poems -- stuff he stole and published elsewhere -- was a non-entity, with a fictitious address, name, etc. sad state of things.
Mistress of CorgiManor said…
"Cliterati?" Yes! Cliterati!
How titillatingly beautiful.

And how clever of them to invite you.

Pictures of you and the gals?

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