THE DAY AFTER Just checked in with the BBC and CNN on casualty figures from yesterday's horrifying bomb attacks in London. The number fluctuates between 49 and "more than 50." Apparently, there are still bodies underneath King's Cross and they announced this afternoon that 13 died on the double decker bus at Tavistock Square.

Just when I thought all my friends were accounted for, one of my friends and blogger pals is awaiting word on members of her family who were connecting through London yesterday, but haven't been heard from in 24 hours. I don't want to go into any details or give names at the moment because it's a very fluid situation. It's just another indication of the chaos in the aftermath of these, to quote Blair, "barbaric" attacks. Or as one of the tabloids summed it up in their headline: "Bastards."

I'll post another update and some links later this evening.

UPDATE: My friend's family is safe. There was a communication breakdown and personal drama, but they are safe and back in the states.

I finally had to turn off CNN and BBC. Luckily, that great old camp western Johnny Guitar starring the incredibly butch Joan Crawford and a boozy Mercedes McCambridge. Joan plays a tramp gone good, trying to start her life over in the wild west by starting a poker saloon and wheeling and dealing with the railroad barons. McCambridge plays a cattle baron determined to run Crawford out of town. These two crazy (but fabulous) actresses obviously hated each others guts. There's a story that after a fight on the set, Joan took all of Mercedes' costumes and scattered them along a highway in Arizona where they were filming. Hard to tell who would have won in a fight between these two. Mercedes McCambridge is probably best known for being the voice of the devil in The Exorcist.


Teamaster said…
Whew. Glad your friends are alive and unscathed!

Collin said…
Yes. Glad this week is over. It's been long, emotional and unsettling.

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