WE ARE NOT AFRAID 2: The brilliant website We're Not Afraid has received something like 4 million hits in just a day or so. The site is fully operational again, filled with images and messages of solidarity after the bombings in London. The image at left was created by Thomas Shoehn.

A giant rally is planned for Thursday in Trafalgar Square to spread this same message. I'll be there in spirit.

SUICIDE BOMBERS: In less than a week, the UK and London police know who the bombers were, where they lived and even have video images of them arriving at King's Cross station all carrying rucksacks with their deadly bombs. Today, the police raided homes in Leeds in West Yorkshire (about 190 miles north of London) and announced that at least one of the terrorists, all twentysomething, UK born Pakistanis, died in the bombings. That means suicide bombers are now operating in the UK.

I can't say I'm surprised. Actually, I keep expecting it to happen here in America any second now. A suicide bomber could easily walk into a shopping mall, business or restaurant and blow the place up. Everyone carries bags here and in the winter everyone bundles up in big coats. When that happens in the US (and it eventually will), I'm not sure if we'll be able to cope. Everyone becomes a suspect. You can look closely and scrutinize people who get on planes and trains, but you can't stop someone from walking into the Mall of America strapped with a bomb and so fanatical about their religion, that they will happily die.

The Muslim faith, which calls for peace, has been hijacked by extremists who have perverted the word of Allah. Of course, you can draw parallels to the Christian faith here in America, which has currently been hijacked by radical right fundamentalists who have killed abortion doctors in the past and regularly carry signs with words like "AIDS Is God's Punishment For Fags." Radicalism begins in subtle ways. It begins with attempts to control others' freedom, perverting religion, and creating fear and loathing. Americans - especially the radical right - likes to lump all Muslims into the category of extremists. I recommend those Americans look in the mirror.


Anonymous said…
Woah! Haven't checked in lately. Cool pic. Great site. I just wasted an hour at work looking at that site. If I get fired its all your fault.

Lisa Allender said…
I love the POEM!!
It's chilling, isn't it, how easily people can be misled----
How a hope for a blissful, peace-filled eternity can cause someone to commit blistering violence...

I think you've got it right, Collin, ON the RIGHT---these same folks who speak of crazy terrorists, often support or defend the kind of terrorism that kills doctors who perform abortions, or allows folks like Eric Rudolph to bomb clinics and gay night clubs.

I don't know what it's going to take, but if we are EVER going to get to a place where we can live in some sort of harmony, the Extremism--in ALL Religions--simply has to end...

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