MAIN WEBSITE DOWN: The main site at has been unavailable after some glitch at the web hosting company on Saturday. I've had a few people email me today saying they can't get to it. I've been working with the technical folk to try and get it fixed. Keep checking back.

Also, just heard that anchorman Peter Jennings and the great musician Ibrahim Ferrer died over the weekend. Jennings has been anchor at ABC News since I was a teenager, so it will be weird not to see him on air anymore. Ferrer was a brilliant singer. If you've never seen Wim Wenders great documentary Buena Vista Social Club, go rent it immediately and listen to all this great Cuban music.

UPDATE: The website seems to be back up and working properly now. Thanks for your patience. Visit it if you have a moment and check out all the wonderful events coming up. My next post will be on Word Diversity Collective - an incredible new organization that is going to transform poetry, spoken word and art in this city.


Ryan said…
Checking it out now! Thanx 4 your support Collin!

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