THE NEXT BOOK: My next collection of poetry is, at last, complete. I'm still not quite ready to give away the title, but the manuscript has about 60 poems divided into three titled sections and will probably be about 70 pages or so with acknowledgements, contents, dedication, copyright page, etc. This book is such a 360 degree turn from Better To Travel that I'm not sure how it will be received. I'm still in the sequencing phase, but that's almost done. I had a couple of instances tonight where I said, Did I actually write that? Unlike the last collection, this book names names. Lots of 'em. No one gets off easy...most of all me.

The Atlanta team is now at the 2oo5 National Poetry Slam in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I wrote the grant that funded this trip, so I'm saying little chants and prayers for them to do well. The team is amazing, so I know they will do well.


Peter said…
Collin: congrats on finishing the next book. I enjoyed Better To Travel. And the book itself was gorgeous. Will you have the same publisher?
Collin said…
Thanks, Peter. Well, I did Better To Travel through iUniverse, so I thought this time I would show it to some editors, make a few submissions, enter a few contests.

As I said in the post, this poetry is very different than Better To Travel. It's more sexual, political, more like the more recently published work you might have seen online (SubtleTea, Velvet Mafia, Lily, etc.)

A group of my "coming out" poems will appear in the final edition of The Chiron Review this December, and those are in this collection as well.

Any suggestions for publishers/editors who are forward thinking and queer friendly?
Bookfraud said…
also congrats on finishing your manuscript. do i know the feelings (of relief, joy, trepedation) of having something to work with.

i wish i had some queer-friendly publishers to lay on you, but my experience with publishers hasn't been the greatest. also, glad to hear you're getting your stuff out there (chiron review). inspirational.
Peter said…
Collin: Forward thinking and Queer-friendly: Copper Canyon (of course), Graywolf, Zyzyyva, Alice James, Red Hen, Fence, White Pine, Sarabande, New Issues, Carnegie Mellon, Tupelo, are just a few that come to mind. I'm sure I have left some out.
Teamaster said…
Splendid news, Collin! Now I'm curious about the title!
Cindy Lou Whoo said…
ABQ rocked!!!! I am so competing next year! You would have loved it, imagine walking through the hotel and in every passageway, stairwell and open spot poets performing, reciting, rehearsing, and enchanting. The words are still buzzing in my ears! Atl did well, a learning experience I think for all.You have got to go to Austin next year when it happens again!

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