BROWNIE ON BROWNIE: Fallen FEMA director Michael "I didn't know people were dying at the Convention Center" Brown went before a panel of mostly Republican senators who raked him over the coals for his shitty job of coordinating the response to Hurricane Katrina. The Dems refused to sit in because they want an independent panel, but they needn't have worried - the Republicans ripped Brownie yet another new asshole. When the Republicans start turning on each other, you can hear the sound of a party beginning to unravel.

My favorite quote of the day was from Republican Rep. Christopher Shays, who told Brownie he was glad he had resigned from FEMA. "That's why I'm happy you left," Shays said, "because that kind of, you know, look in the lights like a deer, tells me that you weren't capable to do the job." SLAP!

Brownie blamed the New Orleans mayor and Louisiana governor (a Republican by the way) for the failed response to the crisis in the Big Easy, but the panel wasn't buying it. Brownie said there should have been a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans, once again proving he paid no attention to what was happening in the state. Gov. Kathleen Blanco called for an evacuation on Aug. 27...two days before the storm struck. Then he blamed Homeland Security for sucking away money from FEMA and leaving him powerless. That might be the case, but his lack of experience also left FEMA powerless and spinning in the wind.

What really boggles my mind is that Brownie is still on the FEMA payroll, acting as a "consultant." Shays hit it right on the head: "I'm uncomfortable you're still on the payroll,'' Shays said to Brownie. "This is payback for you to be on the payroll. The administration feels it has to protect you. This administration values loyalty more than anything, more than competence and frankly more than the truth.''

I bet that comment gave Cheney a couple more aneurysms.


Anonymous said…
I think I'm going to find myself a government job. Seems like no one really ever goes off the payroll!

Ryan said…
thanx 4 the group name.

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