MOMENTS OF GRACE AND RAGE: I spent Saturday and Sunday in an intensive poetry workshop with Cecilia Woloch and a group of other accomplished poets. It took my mind off the horror happening in New Orleans (for a few hours anyway) and allowed me to create new work and expand my knowledge of poetry. I wrote my first rondel (a very challenging form) and also created some other work that will probably shape up into poems for publication. Cecilia is a good teacher, and although I've taken workshops with her before, I think this was the best.

Last night, I went to Java Monkey feeling very tired, but compelled to express my rage at the government's lack of response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I am SO glad I went. Host Kodac Harrison showed up in a festive read jacket and draped with Mardi Gra beads, and featured poet Chris Chandler (a resident of New Orleans who owned a home in the devastated 9th Ward) and his keyboard player were also ready to unleash some pent up anger. The whole evening was political and spirited. I got up at the mic and began with the words: George W. Bush is a motherfucker. And then I just unloaded: about Condisleeza Rice shopping for shoes in New York while people died, the vacationing Cheney of Fools, and FEMA director Michael Brown, who should be publicly flogged for his lack of response and stupidity. I think I used the word motherfucker about 100 times until the whole place was nearly chanting it with me. Very cathartic.

Lady Hardin really moved us all with her poem about being trapped on the roof of a house in New Orleans punctuated by verses from the Doobie Brother's classic song Black Water. It brought the house down, as did Theresa Davis' poem and Kodac's song about New Orleans. While Java has taken heat before for being "liberal," I think for once the entire country has had its eyes opened about who is really leading this country. If you voted for Dubya in 2004, you are complicit in the downfall of this country. I hope you are ashamed. I hope everytime you turn on the tv and see that smirking motherfucker and then see all those images from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast that you feel deep, deep regret.

With the horror still unfolding on the coast, Supreme Court Chief Justice William Rehnquist finally died (I'm sure Pat Roberston is thrilled) and Dubya pushed John Roberts for the job of Chief Justice rather than replacing Sandra Day O'Connor. That means two open seats on the Supreme Court, and I know Dubya and his Christian right wing base are chomping at the bit to put two of there brethren on the bench to begin stripping this country and its people of liberties.

Just now, I checked the New Orleans Times-Picayune website (the whole staff deserves a Pulitzer Prize for its amazing courage and reporting for the last seven days) and the headline is: 7th Day of Hell. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (another motherfucker who should be fired for supreme incompetence...I don't want this guy heading up the response to the next terrorist attack) was quoted as saying: "I can't tell you what the numbers are going to be, but I think we need to prepare the country for what's coming. It is going to be about as ugly a scene as I think you can imagine."

Yeah, thanks for that, asshole. It wouldn't have been nearly as bad had you moved more quickly to help while thousands were dying. Let me just say it one more time...motherfuckers.


Cindy Lou Whoo said…
i think my biggest problem with the responses from dub and all involved is we couldn't imagine. hell, they didn't have to imagine they were told what the fuck would happen. i'm convinced that they all need crayon drawing and big ass neon signs saying POTENTIAL DISASTER...YOU ARE HERE! i can't believe the sinning has already started, all of a sudden sadams on trial, distraction, and can i ask where are all the religious big wigs, the mega churches who could single handedly house hundreds? where the fuck is oprah? where are the scientologist? it is apparent that i need to blog now!
Cindy Lou Whoo said…
ok sinning which has happened should be spinning, damn p key is sticking forgive my selling, dammit spelling
Collin said…
Actually, Oprah showed up in Huston today to tour the Astrodome and pledged a ton of money. Oprah always comes through.

In 1995 FEMA drew up a list of events that would require intensive action:

1) A terrorist attack on NYC (happened already)

2) A massive earthquake in Cali. (gonna happen)

3) A Cat 4 or 5 hurricane hitting New Orleans. (happened)

They knew 10 years ago (and longer) that this would be an emergency situation. FEMA, the feds and the governor in Louisiana knew days in advance that this storm was coming and not enough action was taken. FEMA should have moved supplies and people into staging areas. Again, FEMA director Michael Brown should be fired ASAP.
Anonymous said…
Sorry it's been so long since I posted. Youre really giving them hell. I see you cleaned up the blogroll list. Good.

Peter said…
Collin: the reading at Java Monkey sounded like great catharsis.

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